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Attending my first wedding where my gift is $BTC, look out for the rare spike đŸ¤£
—Panos Papadopoulos (@PanosJee) Fri Aug 25 16:57:22 +0000 2017

Only a couple of days I had this discussion for gifting BTC paper wallet for a christening :-) https://t.co/fhTgbLmw78
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Fri Aug 25 19:10:31 +0000 2017

Has any Twitter friend of mine ever used this projector? Could you recommend a good portable one? Thanks in advance! https://t.co/z7NeuYP4Q1
—Charis Tsevis (@tsevis) Fri Aug 25 18:34:04 +0000 2017