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@vassalos @Poloniex That’s too much to say. But they are really bad at what they are doing.
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Wed Aug 09 18:44:11 +0000 2017

Advise: Do NOT use @Poloniex. Worst customer support ever, which is a big thing when it comes to your money.
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Wed Aug 09 17:17:52 +0000 2017

“Technology doesn’t change what people want in the world, it just removes the use of violence to get there.” https://t.co/4T4aH8PQ2H
—Naval Ravikant (@naval) Wed Aug 09 15:14:01 +0000 2017

@_Serg_V @daitran_gu @ufukkucuk @Poloniex I have the same problem with a SC withdrawal. It’s been 3 days now and st… https://t.co/Blw3eNbfkR
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Wed Aug 09 12:18:49 +0000 2017

—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Tue Aug 08 18:46:54 +0000 2017

Ok, this has already become too much. My withdrawal has been blocked by @Poloniex for 3 days!!! Ticket opened 2 day… https://t.co/4nyB4dengA
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Wed Aug 09 09:28:43 +0000 2017

@myetherwallet @nimiqnetwork Ouch! My mistake! MEW will show the token (both locally and at https://t.co/xPUVD7Gm9Chttps://t.co/TmysZ4aRBo
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Tue Aug 08 22:10:39 +0000 2017