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BNT fundraiser live, massive attacks on network. Reports of #ethereum transactions pending. All who try 2 get in will be accepted. Stay calm
—Bancor (@BancorNetwork) Mon Jun 12 14:42:55 +0000 2017

I think of $QRL as an insurance policy. If quantum computing threats other altcoins, @QRLedger will be worth a lot. If not, no big deal.
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Mon Jun 12 09:51:46 +0000 2017

Mandatory Node Software Upgrade for @zencash_io before Block 117,575 on Tuesday Midday https://t.co/tY9psgj0o9
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Mon Jun 12 09:44:10 +0000 2017

@WayneVaughan But we all like airplanes, don’t we.
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Sun Jun 11 23:06:59 +0000 2017