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Senegal To Introduce A New Blockchain Based National Digital Currency, Second Country To Have Digital Currency https://t.co/2Gu9b6IjbB
—Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Thu Nov 24 21:16:50 +0000 2016

Brendan Eich (creator of #JS) is talking about the history of the web (and #mozilla)


A must listen #podcast!
—Evaggelos Balaskas (@ebalaskas) Thu Nov 24 17:52:58 +0000 2016

Bruce Schneier is a tad more pessimist than I’d like, but he sure as hell has a point. He’s RMS of crypto. https://t.co/UthF5pjCtW
—apas papadopoulos (@apas) Thu Nov 24 10:51:30 +0000 2016