Most developers may have never heard of ASN.1 but it’s widely used to exchange CDRs in the telco world. And it’s been haunting my days for some time now. There are very few reliable libraries and tools to encode/decode ASN.1 CDRs, and most of them cost hand and a leg. I’m sometimes inclined to create some of the tools I’d like to be there.

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I’m a sucker for nice fonts and typography, and I believe that “open sourcing” quality fonts is one of the greatest gifts one can make to the public. So this looks very interesting: Noto, Google’s beautiful new free font covers 800+ languages.

In an effort to make it easier for people from all over the world to create and share information in their language of choice, Google has created Noto, a massive open source font family that spans more than 800 languages and 110,000 characters.

That covers every single symbol in the Unicode standard today. The project, which Google took up to make Android and ChromeOS more accessible, took five years to complete and saw the involvement of typography and font design experts from Monotype and Adobe.

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Airbnb is offering more than 3,000 accommodations to people displaced by Hurricane Matthew, free of charge:…
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Robot vs Human: Focus!
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