Last day on Port of Spain today. Tonight we are flying to Paramaribo, Suriname.

Last night we went out with Joery, and we visited the “Avenue”, an avenue with bars and restaurants on both sides. Nothing very exciting by my standards, but they told us that Friday, Saturday and Tuesday are the days to go out, and indeed, many places were not open yesterday.

Got back to the hotel, and a little after midnight I called back home: It was 7am there, and they were just waking up :-)

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2016-09-15 21:47: RT
>>> @climagic:sed ‘9417q;d’ dbdump.sql # Quickly print line 9417 of a large file without processing the whole file. #SEDtember

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>>> @CoolSWEng:Updated piece on “Revision Control Smells” with material on binary files and renames Thank you @abstratt