I’m in my hotel room in Port of Spain, Trinidad. This was a looong journey.. I flew from Athens on Tuesday morning at 6am, then Amsterdam, then Willemstad, Curacao, then our filght from Curacao to Trinidad was canceled, I spent 7 hours in Willemstad to get the next flight to Port of Spain. Total time from the moment I left home to the moment I checked in at my hotel here: 31 hours!

On the plus side, we (I’m traveling with a collegue) had a few hours to leave the airport and spend some time in Willemstad, which was nice. (It would have been better if the Willemstad airport did not close at 10pm, because we had to rush back by ten, even though we had already checked in, and then wait for 2.5 more hours before the gate opened.)

* * *

During the flights, I started reading Ready Player One on my kindle. Fascinating book. BTW, the kindle edition is more expensive than the paperback. Something’s not right here, Amazon.

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