My flight to Port of Spain will be delayed by about 3 hours. Which should bring the total travel time Athens-Port of Spain to about 26+ hours… Not happy for this.

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I’m flirting with the idea of buying an Amazon Echo. If we are to add more Philips Hue lights at home, it seems like the best interface to turn them on/off is Echo.

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jq -C '.' data.json | less -R # Use jq to pretty print some json data with ANSI color coded syntax and use -R in less to process the color.
— Command Line Magic (@climagic) September 13, 2016</blockquote>

2016-09-12 11:04: FlyWeb – Pure Web Cross-Device Interaction ★ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

2016-09-12 10:45: RT
>>> @MattNavarra:Dealing with work deadlines in 2016 photo

2016-09-12 10:44: RT
>>> @sciencebase:It’s time web hosts implemented SSL as part of standard packages, in light of Google’s recent pronouncements @bluehost

2016-09-11 07:53: RT
>>> @TreyWinslett_:Great excerpt about #Bitcoin potential from @aantonop new book. Must buy for anyone interested in crypto currencies! photo

2016-09-10 12:29: RT
>>> @WIRED:Check out the best the universe has to offer with this week’s space photos photo

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>>> @OvercastFM:Trying ads, dark theme now free:

2016-09-10 07:55: RT
>>> @mattocko:MUST READ, incl. original arxiv paper! “Extraordinary Link Between Deep Neural Networks & Nature of the Universe”

2016-09-10 06:13: Broken links, sites that no longer exist… Quoting+Linking (not just linking) makes the web more resilient to time.

2016-09-10 05:47: ‘We’re the Only Plane in the Sky’ The strange, harrowing journey of Air Force One, few hours after 9/11.