Is non-linking to other sites something they teach in journalism schools? — Medium

Take any article on,,, or any other “established” newspaper’s site. There is one thing they have in common: no external links. Not a single link pointing to a domain outside the newspaper’s own domain [*].

I really don’t get it, how it is possible to write a sentence like “Company X announced on Monday that…” and not have a link to the announcement on the company’s website. Or writing a whole article about a new company that does something interesting, and not having a single link to their website.

As a reader I appreciate it when I can go and read the original announcement or press release, or visit the mentioned company’s website, or even read the original piece that started a conversation at an other newspaper.

But judging from the hight journalistic standards these newspapers have, I can only conclude that non-linking to external sources must be a thing taught in journalism schools. Somethink like “a respected journalist should never link to a site outside the publication that pays her”.

Which could also explain why external links on these sites are put in place by people other than journalists, they are paid for, and are called ads.

[*] with the exception of links to tweets or youtube video embeds in some cases.