Reflecting On The First 100 Investments – Haywire: there is so much good stuff in this.

  1. Out Of Market, Out Of Mind
  2. I Can’t See Everything, And That’s OK
  3. Existential Risk Rules The Day
  4. Founder-Market Fit And Startup-Founder Fit
  5. The Seed Round Doesn’t Really Count Anymore
  6. What Does “Value-Add” Mean At The Seed Stage?
  7. Being Helpful Via Push Versus Pull
  8. Investing Pre-Product Or Pre-Launch
  9. Leading Rounds Versus Catalysing Rounds
  10. The Good And Bad With Party Rounds
  11. Seed Investors Not Updated Often
  12. Conflict In Seed
  13. Seed Is From Venus, Series A Is From Mars
  14. On Relationships With LPs
  15. Investment Pace Matters
  16. Deal Flow, The Mother’s Milk
  17. The Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made: Weighting Concepts Over Market Timing
  18. Counterintuitive Advice That Backfired
  19. Reputation, Not Money, Is The Currency