• Sunday, September 25, 2016

    A friend asked me why I don’t post anything about my trips. I told him I’ve been posting on Instagram, he said he rarely uses Instagram. Me on the other hand, I find it great when I travel.

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    Let’s say I want to use Apple HomeKit to manage my lights at home. I don’t want to change every single lightbulb with Philips Hue bulbs or similar. (Too many lamps, in many cases, Philips does not offer a compatible bulb, and some of them have to be outdoors).

    Are there any HomeKit-compatible light switches and dimmers, to replace my existing ones?

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    Snapchat unveils $130 connected sunglasses and rebrands as Snap, Inc. - The Verge https://t.co/K3DkHcQwHR
    —Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Sun Sep 25 06:39:04 +0000 2016

    Blog posts without titles. https://t.co/vxsLlEV8rh
    —Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Sat Sep 24 23:18:29 +0000 2016

  • Saturday, September 24, 2016

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    It’s Official: We’re Going to Mars!!! https://t.co/fGA7cNm2bP
    —Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Sat Sep 24 06:23:12 +0000 2016

  • Friday, September 23, 2016

    The Extraordinary Link Between Deep Neural Networks and the Nature of the Universe: I find this post extremely thought provocing.

    But there is a problem. There is no mathematical reason why networks arranged in layers should be so good at these challenges. Mathematicians are flummoxed. Despite the huge success of deep neural networks, nobody is quite sure how they achieve their success.

    Today that changes thanks to the work of Henry Lin at Harvard University and Max Tegmark at MIT. These guys say the reason why mathematicians have been so embarrassed is that the answer depends on the nature of the universe. In other words, the answer lies in the regime of physics rather than mathematics.

    […] The answer is that the universe is governed by a tiny subset of all possible functions. In other words, when the laws of physics are written down mathematically, they can all be described by functions that have a remarkable set of simple properties.

    So. It’s simple: the universe is not as complex as we think it might be.

    Which begs the question: If our thoughts, and our imagination, are also part of this universe, are they also simpler than we think? What if someone proved for example that at any given point in time, there are only a finite number of thoughts you can make, you are not free to imagine anything or think of anything.

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    me on twitter:

    .@Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays. https://t.co/dQIbhcoWp6
    —Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Fri Sep 23 13:33:17 +0000 2016

    Imagine a font that looks great on any device, in any orientation, on any platform: https://t.co/Lwsy8VyVfF https://t.co/zLLgYpU5lH
    —WIRED (@WIRED) Fri Sep 23 01:27:28 +0000 2016

  • Thursday, September 22, 2016

    I arrived to Athens late last night, back to office today.

    * * *

    I updated to macOS Sierra. Everything works fine, minor problems so far:

    • keybase.app does not work
    • I had to upgrade to Xcode 8.0 for brew to work.

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    me on twitter:

    Yahoo is expected to confirm massive data breach, impacting hundreds of millions of users https://t.co/LNXXnPgIxE via @Recode
    —Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Thu Sep 22 12:33:22 +0000 2016

  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016

    These days in Paramaribo have been great. Most nights we went out with Joery for beers, we even spent a night playing snooker.

    On Sunday, we went on a “jungle hike”. Suriname has one of the most virgin and untouched tropical forests in the world. So we went on a three hour hike, follwoing our local guide. It was exhausting. but we enjoyed it.

    * * *

    me on twitter:

    There is a considerable (yet neglected) market for the “second/backup phone”, and Microsoft has a good chance there. https://t.co/VvDJ0EdX6V
    —Panayotis Vryonis (@vrypan) Tue Sep 20 20:23:09 +0000 2016

  • Saturday, September 17 2016

    We arrived in Paramaribo late last night. After checking in at the hotel, we went out for a couple of beers. It’s a friendly place here.

    We woke up, had breakfast, killed some time and went for a walk at the city center. Then we had a steal at a restaurant, and booked a jungle hiking tour for tomorrow :-)

    * * *

    I’ll have to make a script to pull here my instagram activity too. I have a lot going on on Instagram when I’m traveling.

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    2016-09-17 20:27: Venture capital is a hell of a drug https://t.co/02FxQZUe2d Thank you @epaley for this article, opens a discussion we rarely have.

    2016-09-17 15:20: “It was also time to elect the president and VP of the OASIS User Council, but that was a no-brainer. Like mo… https://t.co/f9PDKt62zC

  • Friday, September 16 2016

    Last day on Port of Spain today. Tonight we are flying to Paramaribo, Suriname.

    Last night we went out with Joery, and we visited the “Avenue”, an avenue with bars and restaurants on both sides. Nothing very exciting by my standards, but they told us that Friday, Saturday and Tuesday are the days to go out, and indeed, many places were not open yesterday.

    Got back to the hotel, and a little after midnight I called back home: It was 7am there, and they were just waking up :-)

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    2016-09-15 21:47: RT
    >>> @climagic:sed ‘9417q;d’ dbdump.sql # Quickly print line 9417 of a large file without processing the whole file. #SEDtember

    2016-09-15 21:46: RT
    >>> @CoolSWEng:Updated piece on “Revision Control Smells” with material on binary files and renames https://t.co/erCPDfIrSc Thank you @abstratt

  • Thursday, September 15 2016

    We did not leave the hotel yesterday, we were too tired. I prepared the presentation for today. We will be picked up from the hotel at 9am (in an hour).

    Hopefully we will have a productive day today, and we will be in the mood to explore Port of Spain a bit in the afternoon.

    Ready Player One is really good, I’m hooked.

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    2016-09-15 10:59: RT
    >>> @github:Code review, project management, and new profiles—all available today: https://t.co/DnZ9dlOmIx

  • Wednesday, September 14 2016

    I’m in my hotel room in Port of Spain, Trinidad. This was a looong journey.. I flew from Athens on Tuesday morning at 6am, then Amsterdam, then Willemstad, Curacao, then our filght from Curacao to Trinidad was canceled, I spent 7 hours in Willemstad to get the next flight to Port of Spain. Total time from the moment I left home to the moment I checked in at my hotel here: 31 hours!

    On the plus side, we (I’m traveling with a collegue) had a few hours to leave the airport and spend some time in Willemstad, which was nice. (It would have been better if the Willemstad airport did not close at 10pm, because we had to rush back by ten, even though we had already checked in, and then wait for 2.5 more hours before the gate opened.)

    * * *

    During the flights, I started reading Ready Player One on my kindle. Fascinating book. BTW, the kindle edition is more expensive than the paperback. Something’s not right here, Amazon.

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    2016-09-14 11:32: RT
    >>> @climagic:jq -C ‘.’ data.json | less -R # Use jq to pretty print some json data with ANSI color coded syntax and use -R in less to process the color.

  • Tuesday, September 13 2016

    At the Athens Airport. Flying to Amsterdam-Curacao-Port of Spain.

    * * *

    Siri has become really good at understanding me. Some time ago when I last tried it, I had to try really hard to fake my accent. Now it just works. And, WOW!, it can also transcribe greek!

    * * *

    I’m at the Schiphol Airport. It’s been some years since I’ve been in Amsterdam, and even then I don’t think I spent a lot of time at the airport. Today I have 5 hours to spend here, and I have to say, it’s OK, but it’s not the best airport to spend time, either. Few plugs, no USB plugs, not too many stores, compared to other international airports. Oh. And the airport Internet sucks.

    * * *

    HugCoin: Build your own cryptocurrency (coin). I have this on my todo list for about a month. Grrr… I need more time.

    * * *

    @vrypan on twitter

    2016-09-13 11:33: Flying KLM. IMHO, as a customer I find European airlines are lagging significantly compared to their Asian counterparts.

    2016-09-13 09:14: Be honest: You don’t want to help smokers, you just hate them. Proof is smoking lounges at most airports.

    2016-09-13 06:13: On the plane: “You may now use the cellular services of your phone unless it’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 7”. I kid you not, just like this!

    2016-09-12 23:07: Long-secret Stingray manuals detail how police can spy on phones https://t.co/6HRVbMDIqa by @samfbiddle